About this Blog

Isn’t it always more fun to read when you have someone to talk about your book with? This blog is for GSA students to keep in touch with each other during the summer by sharing their summer reading experiences. Students can use this blog to recommend books to their friends, start groups around reading certain authors, series, or books.

4 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. One book that I’m reading is called The Hunger Games Catching Fire and right now I’m in the part where Katniss is in the game and she and peeta and gale get attacked by this kinda cloudeish air and they go into the water to take off what the steam has done to them and gale loses the love of his life because peeta has been injured and he needed to help katniss carry him so she sacrificed herself in the dangerous steam im almost done with the book i recommend whoever has not read the book to read it because it is super duper interesting so READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!!


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