Question 5

Describe how a character in your book has changed over time.  Include examples and events from the beginning, middle, and end to explain.

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  1. Oh and in the end Liz found out that Marlee was still her and they won’t be able to see each other that much but they’ll still friends and Marlee told her that Sally had been being nicer to her that made Liz feel better. The text states “Are we still friends?” asked Liz. “Of course” said Marlee “We’ll always be Friends.” “Even if we don’t ever get to see each other ?” said Liz. “Yes” said Marlee.


  2. Danny from 8th grade:
    I currently just read “Panic” by Sharon M. Draper. One of a view focused characters in this book is Layla. She is a dancer that lacks a large amounts of confidence. People except her boyfriend Donovan compliment her. Donovan always says she is gaining weight, that she is not the best he can do,etc In the beginning of the book Layla would only focus on Donovan and dance. Donovan constantly abused her and always told her if she loved him she’d prove it with sex. For example, after Donovan got jealous of her dancing with another guy he went over to her house and forced her to remove her upper clothes, and he took pictures of her, and after that she did nothing to delete them because she thought they made him happy. Layla felt she had to please him because she ‘couldn’t’ loose him. She did what ever he wanted or needed. Her friends always tried to convince her that he was no good, which he wasn’t. In the beginning she was insecure. In the middle she became confused. She had no idea if he was treating her right. For example, she found napkins filled with purple lipstick on the floor of his car. Layla broke down because she only wore pink lipstick, and she new he was cheating but couldn’t bare to loose him although he wasn’t much of a loss. In the end of the book Layla became strong. She got tired of Donovan leaving bruises on her.Donovan and Layla broke up. He took it to the extreme and sent the nudes he had of her and sent them to everyone. Layla was embarrassed but was strong and didn’t care what Donovan thought. The police eventually arrested him for pornography involvement. He asked her for bail money and she told him ” go to hell, you are nothing to me”. She deleted his contact and moved on in life. Layla was insecure, then confused, but became very strong.


  3. the book i had just finish was dork diaries by Rachel Renee Russell. the main character i had focus on this girl named Nikki. in the beginning of the book Nikki had to take her sister to the mall with her. when the y went to go to get something to eat. when they were in the middle of the meal they got picked to sing their theme song. but in beginning of the song Nikki enemy had record her singing. in the middle of this book, Nikki school had decide to do a talent show so Nikki and her two best friends wanted to join but when they to rehearsal but enemy says if shes join she shoe everyone the video, because her two best friends were good at dancing and singing. so they joined Nikki enemy team. so in the end of the book Nikki changed by having more confident and stand up for herself and began a band with her friends and won the talent show.


  4. my character changed from bieng kind 2 a bully.At the begining of the book blubber Jill all she cared about was holloween in the middle of the story her friends send notes to her about some girl and that shes fat and she goes along with it. at the end she and her friends bully that girl very horibly by ripping her costume and taking off her skirt in the girls bathroom.


  5. “twilight” bella has changed over time because now she makes her own decisions.first she moves from home. second her dad chooses her school and at the end she makes her own decisions about who she hangs out with and who she eats with.


  6. I currently read “Bunker Hill A city, A siege, A revolution” by Nathaniel Philbrick and one of the characters, Dr.Joseph Warren, at first didn’t care if the colonies didn’t get their freedom but once he witnessed a loyalist threatening a patriot boy, he knew that Great Britain and the colonies wouldn’t find an agreement for their taxation. Later, Warren had an obsession over the colonies to gain freedom, riding out of Boston to be involved in colonial meetings after the Boston Tea Party happened, leaving the British to punish Warren’s hometown with extreme measures. Warren was upset so he took a large role in the colonial army and discovered that British general, Thomas Gage didn’t do anything when he had sent a personal letter to him and because of that, Joseph became more focused in not being that involved in the congress in order to make more time in gaining allies. He started playing and planning defensive rather than offensive.


  7. I’ve just finished “My Heart and Other Black Holes” by Jasmine Warga. The main character in the book is sixteen-year old Aysel, who is just another suicidal teenager. Ever since a family incident, she has locked herself into her own world for fear that she would be holding the bat that killed Timothy Jackson 3 years ago. She stumbles across a website for the suicidal, and meets Roman, who had similar thoughts about death. They would take the jump on April 7th.
    In the beginning, Aysel refuses to confront her depression and was convinced that death was the only way out. She did not find any interest in living and constantly planned her own death. Her memories of the past haunted her. Aysel didn’t have a great attitude towards life.
    In the middle of the story, she unexpectedly finds herself finding reasons to live. Unfortunately, her buddy Roman is set on the idea of dying. He doesn’t back down from their suicide pact and clears any thought of reasons he should live.
    Aysel is hesitant to take the jump on April 7th, even when Roman desperately needs her by his side during the fall.


    In the end, Aysel realizes that she had too much to live for. When Roman decides to die alone, she knew that she had to live for him, for her family, and for herself. Dying just wasn’t worth it. Suicide completely eliminated the chances of things getting better,
    We only miss living when it’s too late.
    “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
    (Norman Cousins)


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